Initiative of Christians for Europe

The Initiative of Christians for Europe

In June 2002 was created a European Working Group of Christians of the various countries of Europe; in March 2006, it was named the ‘Initiative of Christians for Europe’ or, in abbreviated form, IXE.

IXE is committed to pursuing four major objectives:

- to give European Christians who wish to convey the social message of the Church an opportunity to meet and to come more productively to terms with their historic and cultural differences;

- to launch a dialogue with society as a whole, and to articulate statements of position with regard to topics of relevance for the future of European society;

- to encourage reflection about the process of European unification, particularly in dialogue with national and European institutions; and

- to help organise events with a European objective on themes of current social relevance.

Generally speaking, the members of IXE are determined to promote a more energetic European awareness in debates at the national level.

As of the publication date of this presentation, IXE has members in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovak Republic, Spain, and Ukraine. The Group also includes an observer from the Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Community (COMECE).


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